AFRUCA Training for Social Workers

06.05.2024 bis 05.06.2024, 9:30-17 Uhr

VFS Campus präsentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit AFRUCA (London) ein Training, das speziell auf sozialpädagogische Fachkräfte zugeschnitten ist, die im Kontext der Jugendhilfe mit Familien aus Westafrika zusammenarbeiten: Training Aims and Objectives: This full day unique training course will enable practitioners to develop new skills and competencies around culture and safeguarding. The training session will explore a range of safeguarding issues linked to culture, beliefs and practices and the implications on safeguarding children from West African backgrounds. Participants will work on a range of case studies to strengthen their skills to intervene and work effectively in families. Training Outcomes: By the end of the session participants would: - Understand the key issues of culture, what it means to practitioners and how it can affect their assessment/intervention with West African children and families. - Gain knowledge of a range of cultural practices that can affect the safeguarding of children and their families i.e. Physical Chastisement, Neglect, Domestic abuse, First Born Syndrome, Adultification and cultural competence. - Develop the knowledge of cultural and safeguarding needs of West African children and families. - Demonstrate a better understanding of how to work with culture leading to increased skills level and confidence intervening in families. - Identify strategies to better engage with West African families in order to safeguard/ protect vulnerable children who come in contact with your service. Methods: - Presentation (verbal/virtual) - Case Studies - Group Discussions - Feedback Target audience: Professionals in all areas of youth welfare. About AFRUCA AFRUCA – Safeguarding Children was established in May 2001, as a platform for advocating and promoting the wellbeing and protection of Black and African children in the UK. Our Head Office is in London. We run a Centre for Black and Ethnic Children and Families in Manchester. We also run projects working with communities on Safeguarding Children across various ethnic groups. In February 2020, AFRUCA formally changed its name from Africans Unite Against Child Abuse to AFRUCA – Safeguarding Children. For more information about our work and the services we offer, please visit AFRUCA’s website: Referentinnen: Deborah Bakare (senior social worker) and Lauretta King-Webb (teacher and social worker) Datum: Montag, 06. Mai 2024, 9:30 bis 17 Uhr Teilnehmer*innen: maximal 25 Ort: München Sprache: Achtung, diese Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt! Teilnahmebeitrag: 180 Euro Anmeldeschluss: 06. April 2024 Veranstaltungs-Nummer: VC24FB0506


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